I’ve not done much in the radio room lately.  I recently graduated college with an associate in applied science degree in network systems administration.  I’m trying to find work in my field right now.  I still have my eyes set on the IC-7200 some day but for now, I’m wanting to get a new microphone for my IC-706.  Little steps!

Tonight’s DX

I decided to head upstairs and do a little DX on the IC-735.  Talked to C6AMM in the Bahamas and N1CC out of Texas.  C6AMM’s QSO was my first to the Bahamas, so I’m tickled about that!

I’d forgotten how much fun it is for me to talk to people all over the world until I picked the mic up again and worked some DX.

I’ve started to work on a glossary of terms that I use on this website that might not be very familiar to those who are not amateur radio operators.  It’s small but more definitions will be added as time permits.

Summits On The Air

There’s been a lot of activity with some of my fellow local hams concerning SOTA (Summits On The Air) in these parts.  I started looking into it and it seems that it would be something I enjoy.  All I really need to do is get another microphone for the 706, build me another G5RV Junior, and acquire a few sealed lead-acid batteries (SLABs), and I’d be good to go with the equipment I have.  I’d probably run the G5RV Jr in an inverted vee configuration as to not have to worry about carrying two supports.

I was considering selling the 706 to get an IC-7200 but have instead thought about keeping the 706 as a smaller backpacking rig if I try to go real deep in the woods, but the 7200 has some nice features worth considering.  I can’t really go all out these days trying to get to a summit but I can do limited hiking and for the short distance I can play pack mule without too much difficulty.

Just something else for me do to in ham radio.


After the great SKYWARN spotter class, I came home determined to get that coax fed out the small window in my basement room outside.  I ran into a problem though: there is a screen over the window that is not removable.  It’s made out of rather thick metal screening and it would take a Sawzall to cut through it.  I don’t want to do that since I won’t be here permanently so I’m back to the drawing board with it.  I’m sure I can figure out something.

Speaking of radios, I’ve decided I want to buy myself an ICOM IC-7200 to take with me to go out into the woods.  I’ll probably wind up selling my IC-706MKII to cover part of the cost.  I still like my IC-735 too much to get rid of it quite yet.  It’s a reliable old radio with a nice audio punch to it.


Off to the class!

I’m off to the spotter class.  I’m looking forward to it as I always enjoy the classes.  Then when I get home, it’s time to run the coax and test out the HTX-242!  It’s supposed to be 62° and sunny so it’ll be a great day to be outside just as long as my toe doesn’t remind me it’s still hurting…

SKYWARN Spotter Class in Blountville

For those of you who are nearby, the National Weather Service with District 7 SKYWARN will be holding a SKYWARN spotter training class at Northeast State’s theater tomorrow at 10 AM.  I will be there as your Washington County coordinator—just look for me in my bright orange SKYWARN polo shirt!

Productive day

It’s been a productive day for me concerning ham radio.  Since my toe is still healing from minor surgery, I decided to just stick around the house tonight.  I made up a 30′ RG-8U coax cable to connect from my basement room up to the outdoor antenna switch that I’m setting up that will allow both my dad and I to share his SuperLoop 80 antenna.  I regretted not finding my Weller 100W soldering gun and having to make do with a 25W soldering pencil.  It took twice as long to get the PL-259s soldered on.

I also fixed the SO-239 connector on a Radio Shack HTX-242 2 meter mobile rig that I might be purchasing.  It wasn’t a hard fix but I was sure wishing for a large pair of “helping hands” to hold the coax still while I fixed the connector.

Both projects will hopefully be tested tomorrow.

I decided that I wanted to have a blog again and instead of making this website static like it has for many years now, I installed WordPress and am quite happy with it.  This will make things a lot easier to deal with when updating the site!